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From Loarre Castle to Sádaba Castle: thirteen fortresses in Aragon are filled with music, theater and dance

The seventh edition of the Castle Festival will bring a total of 42 performances to fortifications throughout Aragon. For example, the concerts of Pasión Vega and Santiago Campillo stand out.

Cristina Morte Landa Wednesday, May 22, 2024 / 18:17

From Pasión Vega performing in the imposing castle of Valderrobres to Santiago Campillo in Alfajarín or Idoipe in Añón de Moncayo. Thirteen fortresses in Aragon will be filled this summer with music, dance and theater with the seventh edition of an already consolidated Castle Festival that will host a total of 42 performances from July 6 to September 1. The fortresses of Valderrobres, Albalate del Arzobispo, San Agustín, Grisel, Alfajarín, Illueca, Mesones de Isuela, Jarque de Moncayo, Sádaba and Fraga will repeat as the setting. They are joined for the first time by Añón de Moncayo, Novallas and Loarre who returns to the project.

A project with an “eclectic” program, as the festival director, Toño Monzón, recognized this Wednesday at the presentation at the Pablo Gargallo Museum, in which most of it will be concerts (around 30). However, there will also be theater by Che y Moche or Factory Producciones and dance with Baluarte Aragonés and Miguel Ángel Berna . Of the total number of artists, 9 are national and the rest are from the land in a “decided commitment to make an impact on the territory.”

The festival will start on July 6 in Grisel with a total of five concerts that can be enjoyed in the Plaza del Castillo at 10:00 p.m. The artists will be Chabi Benedé (July 6), En Clave de Luna (Saturday, July 13), Candela Marín Quarter (July 20), Alex Garber (July 27) and Viki Lafuente (August 3).

The fortresses of Alfajarín, Illueca and Añón de Moncayo will take over from July 12 to 14. The Alfajarín castle will host performances by Santiago Campillo Trío (July 12) and Yhael May & Cristina Pérez (July 13). For its part, Illueca will have the musical show “Viva la Zarzuela viva!” from Factory Producciones (July 12) and Baluarte Aragonés with the music and dance event ‘El bandido cucaracha’ (July 13).

Añón de Moncayo, which debuts as a new location this edition, will feature the multidisciplinary Idoipe (July 12) and the concert by Ariadna Redondo (known for her time on the television contest “Got Talent”) (July 13).

On July 13 and 14, the Loarre fortress will be incorporated with a triple event, “Bailaban las perolas”, by Pablo P. Alonso and Laura L. Muñoz in the castle’s parade ground and at night in the town the show musical “Long live Zarzuela!”, by Factory Producciones (July 13) and on Sunday it will close with an Ariadna Redondo musical vermouth and a very special proposal by Marc Vilajuana with his Tecnogregoriano at 5:30 p.m. in the chapel of the Castle (July 14).

Novallas and Mesones’ turn will be from July 19 to 20. Bea Fabregat’s microtheater will arrive at the Novallas fortress on July 19, while the Aragonese Elem’s concert will take place on July 20. In parallel, in Mesones de Isuela there will be the Riesgo Teatro musical theater with “Mátame heel” (July 19) and two performances for Saturday, July 20: Edu Manazas with “Fuera de stock”, a circus show in the parade ground of the castle, and Che y Moche Theater with “A happy day” in the Plaza de la Villa.

The Raúl Márquez Project concert will arrive on July 26 at Jarque de Moncayo, whose castle will also host the recording of the podcast “The man who fell in love with the moon” on the same day, and the next day Beatriz Bernad and Nacho Del Río  with ‘Coplas and songs with J’ (July 27), and the music of the trio of El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo (July 28).


The epicenter of the Castle Festival will come with the performances of Valderrobres . The emblematic fortress of this Teruel town will have on Friday, August 2, the play “In the middle of so much fire” , by Alberto Conejero with Rubén de Eguía on stage. Pasión Vega and his “Lorca Sonoro” will arrive in Valderrobres on Saturday, August 3 with one of the most anticipated performances of this edition of the Festival. In addition, on Sunday, August 4, the performance ‘Los Sitios 1808’ by Baluarte Aragonés will take place.

Beatriz Bernad and Nacho Del Río will change location on Friday, August 9 to bring “Coplas y cantos con J” to the Castillo de Sádaba .

After this town of Cinco Villas, it will be the turn of Albalate del Arzobispo from August 15 to 17. This Teruel town will have in its programming the play “Cancún”, by Factory Producciones, (August 15); Vocal Tempo (August 16) and its show “Con la boca Abierto” and the dance of Miguel Ángel Berna with “Rematadera” on August 17.

On August 25, the San Agustín castle will host three shows throughout the day: Ariadna Redondo’s concert, the magic of Rubén Díaz and the music of the El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo trio.


Almost at the end of summer, one of the most curious castles in Aragon (Fraga) for its “contemporary” aesthetics, as recognized by the festival director, Toño Monzón, will lower the curtain on this seventh edition on 30 August to September 1. On Friday, August 30, it will be the turn of the dance show “Lo que ven”, by Alpaca Dance Collective with Carlos Campo, Francisco Sánchez and Alejando A. Longines and the concert by Carmen Boza.

On Saturday, August 31, in the morning, the Montcada Palace in Huesca will host the “SGAE Foundation Conference”, in the afternoon it will be the turn of the dance performance “Bailaban las perolas”, by Laura L. Muñoz and Pablo P Alonso, which will give way to the Sancho&Swing concert and the DJ Bárbara Gartland who will be in charge of closing the night. On Sunday, September 1, there will be the final performance with the dance “Mover Montañas” by Alberto Velasco.

Tickets for the shows are now on sale at and can also be purchased at the town hall offices and at the box office one hour before each event.